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Sprouted from OWL International, OWL Café is our homegrown café that offers various blends of kopi and teh, brunch meals, pastries, desserts, and more. Satisfy your cravings and experience coffee like no other with us!


OWL International

With over 60 years of being a renowned instant coffee and tea brand, we bring you various blends of this authentic Straits Asian-inspired coffee that embraces time-tested recipes from the Straits Asian heritage to create that perfect cup of island-brewed coffee.



Straits Asian Culture
Rich Flavours
Kopitiam Heritage
Freshly Brewed
Enduring Legacy
Blend of Local Delights

At OWL CAFÉ, we have pursued and perfected the creation of authentic Singaporean flavours since the1950.

Having been in this industry for over 60 years, we have garnered experiences that paved the way for time-tested recipes in the art of roasting and blending coffee beans, pairing rich flavours with aromas for the perfect cup of coffee.

Our pride and history have breathed new life into old-time classics, and we have journeyed with our customers through an evolving culture by paying careful attention to detail and consistency of local favourites.

Gathering a diversity of gastronomy along the historical trading route of the Straits Asian region, from Penang – through the Straits of Malacca – to Java, we found our recipes culminating in a leading local brand.

Strategically located in the prosperous melting pot of Singapore culture, we bring to you a menu of distinguished dishes and beverages that are bound to take you back to the founding street stalls of Singapore.

Our values are reflected in the time and dedication we put into our time-tested creations:

Time-Tested with pride

From the clear invigorating taste of Kopi-O to the smooth velvety texture of Kopi C, we cultivate only the most authentic coffee flavours roasted to Kopitiam nostalgia.


Led by OWL, Singapore’s leading coffee and tea brand, OWL Café serves to bring forth the various blends of authentic Straits Asian-inspired coffee that has been perfected with over 60 years of experience. Being a renowned heritage brand, OWL Café was established to serve its consumers better as they have expanded from just being an instant beverage brand, to now a full-fledged café that aims to offer more options of specialty coffee and tea to their beloved customers.

Concocting the perfect blend of food and coffee over the years has rendered us seasoned hands of the craft. Our experience in the long-standing fame of Singapore’s homegrown delicacies continues to flourish on the taste buds of our customers. We create a multi-sensorial experience through coffee and food inspired by the Straits Asian Culture that allows customers to fully immerse in our brand.

We strive to pursue, memorialise and evolve the culture of Asian Straits flavours throughout cosmopolitan lifestyles.


The combination of OWL’s Straits Asian roots and desire to serve its consumers better was the driving force that led to the Singapore brand favourite’s opening of its first OWL Café – in 2012 at The Star Vista. Since then, two more OWL Cafés, located at Republic Plaza and Bedok Point, have opened to serve the brand’s signature charcoal-roasted coffee blends and Straits Asian food with a fine twist.

The direction toward opening OWL Café marks another milestone for us in our efforts to expand local coffee culture to more people. We yearn to introduce our Straits Asian cuisine and OWL coffee brand to all the tables of Asia. The launch of these new cafés reaffirms our commitment to keep the heritage of Straits Asian cuisine alive in this region.

With an opportunity to expand our permeation of the Kopitiam culture by 2015, we opened a fourth café and our first franchise outlet at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) East Coast Campus. Most recently, 2016 saw the opening of OWL Transit @ Changi Airport Terminal 1, and we set up a pop-up store at the National Gallery Singapore.

One of the first local instant beverage companies to expand into the food and beverage industry, this move has served to entrench OWL further as one of Singapore’s favourite brands.



With every cup of brew and every fare, we revive over 60 years of Straits Asian mastery on your taste buds.


We pay great attention to detail in selecting, developing and delivering the best ingredients to your table.


Through time-tested and time-honoured recipes, we are committed to the preservation of both quality and flavours of our products.

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